Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is SEO

SEO definition: search engine optimization; short name SEO.

Many aka name: search engine optimization, SEO, Web site optimization, search engine ranking optimization, search engine ranking optimization, marketing, Web site rankings for keywords, keyword rankings and so on.

Newbies are so ill that clearly refers to the same thing, but you can come up with so many cruelty. Purpose we do not understand, but this will make people feel quite disturbing. Accordingly, we'll help webmasters to learn SEO. But SEO what things? believe that this is the next question.

SEO means, just let your Web site comply with the preferences of the search engine, thereby enhancing the overall rankings Web site, to take this import visitors.

But we believe that the optimized object should not only is the search engines, because search engines the existence of a person is in use. Meet the search engine at the same time if you forget who is your boss (consumers), your web site will not get the best effectiveness.

Simply put, if your website users would not want to see, even if the SEO did good, it was the first rank, so what? How do you meet as SEO? users have to satisfy what level? we next composition from SEO facets to elaborate, and then to talk about the SEO company how chained up search engine and user.