Sunday, September 6, 2009

10 different usages with Twitter

Twitter users are increasingly quickly. Although not long ago, Nielsen came a report, said that 60% of people would not be in the twitter to the second month, but very obvious that the twitter is still a growing fast Web site, and many foreign site, has seen a follow us on twitter connection.From this point we can see, the twitter people already have a lot of commercial purposes.

The twitter people besides used to say goodnight and tell everyone i was having dinner with who, what purpose? the following is an old cat seen 10 twitter of usage:

1. Publishing news: there are many news website, now have twitter account.Just follow the account, you can receive the news.

2. Publish discounts: businessmen can, through the twitter people tell you what to say that there are now, at a discount for commodities. This point on the electronic businessmen especially useful.

3. Release product updates message: businessmen can also tell you all through the twitter people say that the company out of the new version of the product, or out of the new product.

4. Tell the world's latest news: be it the report had, or the condition of the company's internal layoffs, and even their own be laid off, you can, through the twitter people-something for everyone to know the fastest speed.

5. A broad network of expanding the workplace: from the relationship between established on the twitter, you can know more, but these people are probably at a later time you need to find someone cooperative, or even your own help finding a job.

6. The seminar on the latest news: now many seminars, will someone take advantage of twitter people will most important thing in the seminar on the message to the first time. What's new message, don't wait until everyone went home after that day's a wrap, and then put the day all day through to the blog.

7. Company people: the company has a vacancy, will make use of twitter people telling everyone say what kind of person. Twitter in this case becomes a free 104 manpower bank.

8. The capabilities of a deemed customer service: some companies provide customer service on the twitter people. As long as you send a message in the past to the account number for the company's customer service can answer at once.

9. Know who are talking about yourself: If in the twitter people searching your name, you'll know what is now talking about you.

10. Aware of a company's internal situation: If a company on the search for the twitter's name, you can know everyone in how to discuss the company.This competitive analysis, or you want to go to the candidates, the company's duties, are very helpful.