Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Google SideWiki debuted

The search engine giant Google had launched his new product "SideWiki" on 24Sep2009.

What is sidewiki ?
As you can imagine on it's name, you can guess that it is another social network product.

How to use sidewiki ?
When you download sidewiki, it is one of the program of google toolbar. When user visit a blog or website and click the sidewiki icon, he can place comments or read comments from other people. But you haven't the right to edit other people's comment.

What is the value of SideWiki ?
Google stated that sidewiki benefits users who read the entitle page to place a quick response. Furthermore they can share the article to blogger, facebook or twitter, etc...

Google want to control the comments ?
Comments system adopted in blog systems long time ago. Now Google want to take it back to control. What's the fact is ? It's a big question mark of many webmasters. Even they would think that readers can spam their pages without control. From my point of view, google count on this factor when they design the system. They can filter the spam comments easily then other blogs. Why ? Because the comments are under control by them ! It is easy to figure out who is spammer and block it.